ODE  0.13.1
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dWorldStepMemoryFunctionsInfo Struct Reference

World stepping memory manager descriptor structure. More...

#include <objects.h>

Data Fields

unsigned struct_size
void *(* alloc_block )(size_t block_size)
void *(* shrink_block )(void *block_pointer, size_t block_current_size, size_t block_smaller_size)
void(* free_block )(void *block_pointer, size_t block_current_size)

Detailed Description

World stepping memory manager descriptor structure.

This structure is intended to define the functions of memory manager to be used with world stepping functions.

struct_size should be assigned the size of the structure

alloc_block is a function to allocate memory block of given size.

shrink_block is a function to shrink existing memory block to a smaller size. It must preserve the contents of block head while shrinking. The new block size is guaranteed to be always less than the existing one.

free_block is a function to delete existing memory block.

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